How to Hold a Chef’s Knife Like a Pro: Technique and Tips❗❗❗

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🔥Step-by-step guide
How to hold a knife - Many beginners want to know, what is the correct way to hold a chef's knife? There are two main grip options for holding a chef's knife. With a pinch grip, you hold the sides of the blade between your thumb and forefinger, just in front of the support pad. An alternative to a knife grip is a hammer grip. Some people find that using a pinch grip gives them more control over their knife, but it’s really a matter of personal preference.
How to Hold Food - If possible, especially for round foods, cut off the rounded edges to create a flat surface so that the food you are cutting remains stable on the surface of the cutting board. Fold the fingers of your leading hand (used to hold food) inward and away from the blade to create a claw-like grip. Use this hand to guide food toward the blade.
How to position your fingers and wrists - Keep your fingers and wrists relaxed and slide into the ingredients with calm, deliberate strokes.
Tips for better control and precision
Keep a steady speed - don't rush, cut slowly and carefully with the blade. Pay attention to the edge and pay attention to the cut of the knife. Whether you are a beginner or a professional chef,

Maintain the correct angle - Using the correct angle will minimize unnecessary movement. The angle will vary depending on the type of knife used. Of course, a square knife like a carving knife handles ingredients differently than a small paring knife, but in general pay attention to the handle and tip.

Keep your blades sharp – Keeping your blades sharp with a whetstone is essential for proper maintenance of your knife set. Avoid honing as it will only realign the edge without returning it to optimal condition.

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