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The love of the family is happiness, and the kitchen is the space where happiness is created!
very happy! It's an honour! Our service and quality can help you on the road to happiness.
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Slicing Carving Knife
FAMCÜTE household kebab knife
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Butcher Knife
FAMCÜTE outdoor machete
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Sincere casting quality

Sharp and smooth cutting



Professional sharpening stone

Versatile and Function—Sharpen Almost Edge,
Well Balance Two Attributes—Fast Cutting and Hard Wearing,
Comprehensive and Economical Kit—Make Knife Sharpening Easier



Integrate into life with ingenious craftsmanship, make food easier with exquisite craftsmanship, and
To provide customers with more convenient food tools.

Originated in 1990

FAMCÜTE A brand supplier specializing in high quality knives and kitchenware.

Good knives are the guarantee of a family's high-quality life. The production of knives is here from FAMCÜTE.

Door craftsmanship gradually developed into an art. FAMCÜTE knives have been selected with high standards from the very beginning.

Strictly select high-quality steel, not only the hardness reaches the best condition for making good knives, but also the toughness of the finished knives is better. FAMCÜTE has been making every knife with traditional forging techniques.

Repeatedly forging the blade with the inherited skills, coupled with a variety of forging techniques, to create a handed down fine knife.